Protect and Arm Our Troops – Cullman

Our group is formed to support the troops, especially our local recruiting office in Cullman, Alabama. We also want to provide a voice, raise money, and promote measures to protect our military, for example our recruitment centers that have little protection. We hope we can promote awareness, drive legislation, and provide security and protective measures to those who provide protection to our freedoms!

So far our group has helped organize veteran and former law enforcement officers to donate their time to stand guard at our recruiting office. We have also worked closely with the owners of the building to quote and start planning an upgrade to the recruiter office to install ballistic glass, also saying they will pay for it (around a $20,000 project).

Cullman – Arm Our Troops

“The July 16 shootings in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which left four Marines dead and one sailor wounded, are part of a string of attacks — some successful and others thwarted — against military recruiting stations in recent years.

“Recruiting offices have been kind of on the leading edge of targets simply because they are both ubiquitous and they’re vulnerable,” said Brian Michael Jenkins, senior adviser to the president of Rand Corp.”


This event is what fired us up to get together and make a difference. We hope the terrorist never get the opportunity to take one of us down again.

Change is Needed, Now…

7/19/2015 – Message from Cody Lancaster

A recent attack on U.S. soil has taken 5 military members from their family and friends. This attack is a clear statement of what will continue to happen if we do not make a change to our current rules and operation of military procedures. Majority of military members who are serving on active duty are not armed. Each installation usually will have military police who are armed at the front gates, in patrol units, and at the armory. Most other members do not have any opportunity to fight back if attacked by armed enemies. We must change this and allow those who we entrust to protect our liberty and freedom to protect themselves during this time of war. The enemy is here and if we do not change this will continue…

Recent Terrorist Attacks

July 2015 - Attack on Recruiting Office

July 16, 2015 – 5 have died from a single Muslim extremist or terrorist who attacked a Navy and Marine corp. recruiting office.

December 2014 - Revenge attack on NYC Officers

December 2014 – Two NYC police officers were shot and killed in their patrol car by a Muslim, Ismaaiyl Brinsley.

October 2014 - New York City Police office attacked

October 2014 – Islamic follower attacked and injured four NYC Police officers with a metal hatched.

April 2013 - Boston Marathon Bombings

April 2013 – Two pressure cooker bombs were set off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killed three and hundreds were seriously wounded.

November 2009 - Fort Hood attacks

November 2009 – 13 people were killed and more than 30 wounded from gunshots by Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan.

June 2009 - Recruiting Office Little Rock, Ark.

June 2009 – Abdulhakim Jujahid Muhammad targeted the recruiting office during a drive by shooting killing one U.S. Soldier and injuring another.

The Cullman Times shared our civilians who are standing guard in front of our Cullman recruiting office. With our group starting out we have had several members show up and help. The Recruiters have asked that only former military and police participate in the watch. Several members of the public have showed up to provide food and water along with big thank you’s!

The Cullman Times news post

Help us raise money for our cause.

We are asking for donations to help fund window upgrades to bullet proof glass. Closing the blinds is not the answer, we are not going to hide but face our enemies without fear.

Any extra proceeds not used for the window projects will be used as donations to military charities such as the Marine’s Toys for Tots campaign.

Help Support Our Cause, Protect our Troops!

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Remember to keep our troops both at home and afar in our thoughts and prayers each day. Every month many of our strongest Americans leave to fight the battles that allow us freedom each day. We are forever thankful for those who have gave their all and those that step up to Lady Liberty’s call.